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College student Rose (Allison Williams) is in love with Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), and at the point in their relationship when they should meet each other's parents. Chris is apprehensive, as Rose, who is white, has apparently not told her parents Missy and Dean (Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford) that Chris is black. Once there, Chris is unable to relax and is uncomfortable around Rose's parents, which causes him to refuse an offer of hypnosis from Missy. He learns that the upscale suburban area has a sinister history of young black men disappearing. (Source: Wikipedia)

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During a talk after this movie's January 2017 Sundance Film Festival screening, director Jordan Peele said that he first got the idea during 2008 Democratic primary discussions about whether an African American or a woman was more deserving of the presidency. He then went on to explain that from that seed of an idea, he further conceived the movie as a twist on the 1975 movie The Stepford Wives, in which suburban husbands replace their rebellious wives with compliant robots. (Source: IMDB)

Director: Jordan Peele

Producer: Jason Blum, Sean McKittrick, Ted Hamm

Screenplay: Jordan Peele


  1. Daniel Kaluuya
  2. Allison Williams
  3. Bradley Whitford
  4. Catherine Keener
  5. Caleb Landry Jones

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