Prison Break Season 5 OGYGIA

Prison Break Season 5 - OGYGIA

After 8 years, Prison Break is back on Fox, the show last season was in demand because it didn't wrap up properly. When you think about prison break, if you have seen it from beginning it will recall every moment from the beginning where Michael Scofield helped 'Lincoln Burrows' to escape prison with group of people. In the past season It shows that Michael Scofield was dead and left a son behind him. New season takes time to tell us that he is still alive. How and why remains to be seen. After The Shawshank Redemption movie, Prison break is the best ever season that we have seen about escaping from a prison.

How Michael Scofield made a plan and executed that plan correctly. In Ogygia Season 5 Episode 1, Lincoln Burrows and Sara Tancredi reunite to track down the truth after clues emerge that suggest Michael Scofield might still be alive. Take a full look on it: Prison Break Season 5 Ogygia and Story so Far.

Story/Plot: I died seaven years ago, left behind a wife, a son and a brother. But the dead talk, if you listen. What was my Father look like 'Michael Son ask from his mother'? He was like a storm. And he would show up in your life. And then he would disappear. But storms--- they come back can't they. more you can see in below video.

Prison Break Season 5 Trailer



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