Ranbir Kapoor Insecure from Fawad Khan

Ranbir Kapoor Feeling Insecure from Fawad Khan

Pakistani Actor Fawad Khan cast in Ay Dil Hai Mushkil Hindi movie with Ranbir Kapoor. After getting a lot of flop film Ranbir Kapoor wants to get fame with this movie. But Fawad Khan leave him behind with his acting. So, for the teaser Ranbir Kapoor remove a lot of Fawad Khan scenes, so that he can't get more popularity then him. But Fawad Khan still getting more popularity with less scene from Ranbir Kapoor. Pakistani Actor Fawad Khan got early fame in Bollywood Industry. After a lot of criticism he earned fame. And still getting fame. While on the other hand no bollywood actor getting more fame then him, when compared with him. His dashing personality and perfect acting put him at the top of the industry. He is behind in just dancing. Otherwise he is at no. 1.


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