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Kaashmora (Karthi) and his family live by deceiving individuals for the sake of dark enchantment and dull spirits. One day, a PhD look into understudy Yamini (Sri Divya) joins Kaashmora, just to accumulate proof and open him to general society. Kaashmora's acclaim conveys him to a superstitious and deceitful Minister (Sharath Lohitashwa). Kaashmora wins the Minister's trust. At the point when pay charge division attacks the clergyman's home, he requests that his colleagues exchange all the illicit cash to Kaashmora's home. Considering this to be a chance to escape and settle abroad, Kaashmora's family escapes with the cash. In the mean time, Chelapathy Rao, a Telugu man looks for Kaashmora's assistance and gets him to a spooky cottage Andhra Pradesh. In the cottage, Kaashmora is spooky by genuine apparitions.

returned in Chennai, the Minister learns that Kaashmora is a fraud and sends his henchmen to kill his circle of relatives. The henchmen attempt to get Kaashmora from the bungalow however are unable to do so as theghost beats them all and drags Kaashmora and his own family in the bungalow. inner, they meet with a brokerwho were given trapped within the bungalow for a long time. The dealer says that the bungalow become oncea princess's palace. Ever because her demiseresidents and owners of the bungalow had met with an unwell-fated dying. He also tells that there are 13 ghosts in the bungalow. The trapped human beings meet the ghost of Raj Nayak, the pinnacle of all of the 13 ghosts. Rajnayak asks Kaashmora to assist him and his thirteensubordinates attain the non secular global. He then locks them within the fort. That night, a young girl in Kaashmora's dream leads him to a locked door inside the castle.

Waking up, Kaashmora follows the identical directionbut is stopped with the aid of Yamini, who reveals to him that Chelapathy Rao, the person who led him here, died seventy five years ago and it turned into his ghost that led Kaashmora in addition to Yamini to the bungalow. Kaashmora searches the citadel and receives holdof an old ebook that dates again 700 years. Raj Nayak (Karthi) become a self-obsessed warlord and a womanizer. The King remained silent and did not interfere with Rajnayak's developing atrocities due to his navy prowess. sooner or later, the princess Rathna Mahadevi (Nayanthara) elopes along with her lover who isthe enemy state's prince. The King pronounces that he will marry off Rathna and deliver away 1/2 of his country to the man who reveals her. Rajnayak kills the prince and forcibly brings Rathna back. He needs to be wedded to the princess, and wishes the alternative half of of the dominion as dowry. while opposed, he kills the crown Prince and the King. He marries Rathna and coronates himself as the King. but, Rathna has otherplans. She and her pals seduces Rajnayak and his subordinates. while his subordinates are burned alive, Rajnayak is beheaded by means of Rathna. however, he kills her earlier than loss of lifeearlier than breathingher ultimate, Rathna places a curse on the 14 men, banishing them from achieving the spiritual world.

Ever for the reason that, Rajnayak and the other 13 ghosts had haunted the palace and its occupants. An exorcist as soon as had expected that Raj Nayak and the other ghosts could reach eternal energy if they arecapable of sacrifice the lives of 5 human beings belonging to the same own family with the identicalbeginning famous person (Rohini). The sacrifice need to be achieved through a lady who's the simplest ladyin her era. This must occur in the course of the Navakaali Pournami that occurs as soon as every a thousandyears. Kaashmora remembers that his own family contributors all have the equal birth signal and that Yamini is the best lady in her own family.

That night, Navakaali Pournami occurs and Rajnayak forces Kaashmora and his circle of relatives to a guillotine. The younger woman from Kaashmora's dream apparates and he or she turns out to be Rathna Mahadevi's reincarnation. while Rathna and Raj Nayak fight every other, Kaashmora fends off the subordinate ghosts with the assist of a mystical sword. Rathna's conscience leads him to a chamber within the fort in which Rajnayak's stays are. the usage of the sword, Kaashmora destroys the stays, making Rajnayak prone. Rathna destroys Raj Nayak's spirit and it is going to the underworld. the alternative spirits flee the citadel to the religious international. Kaashmora and his circle of relatives get out of the citadel and he claims that he has destroyed the spirits and cleansed the centuries haunted bungalow.

Director: Gokul

Release Date: 28 October 2016

Starring: Karthi, Nayanthara, Sri Divya, Vivek, Simrithi


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